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In the beginning, I did my best to help shelter dogs and rescues in need by making donations whenever I could. However, when I realized that there was only so much I could do with just some money, I decided to take a more active role in rescue. That is how Find A Spot came into fruition. Our goal as a rescue organization is to save as many of the "unwanted" dogs as we could; that included the sick, the elderly, and the abandoned. This is something we truly believe in doing, and we hope that we can inspire the same kind of passion to as many individuals as we can. In turn, we can reduce the rate in which dogs like these get euthanized in overcrowded shelters through awareness and action.

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This is WHY we do what we do

Momma Dixie came to us in a cardboard box with her two 1-2 weeks old puppies whose eyes weren't even open. 
It took one caring family and look at Momma Dixie now!

Momma Dixe Arrival.jpg
Momma Dixie.jpg
Bruno Peck.jpg
Dog of the Month


My name is  BRUNO.. I am now about 8 years old, and I have been blind since birth.

I am very friendly, easygoing & respectful.   I enjoy playing with my friends in a big yard where we get to run around and be silly.  I know how to use a doggie door and crate trained. I MAY mark a little here and  there INITIALLY to help me know where everything is :-)

I love my human friends, young and old, big and small.    I can feel my way around effortlessly, but some help from my doggie buddies or human friends in a new place will be nice too.

I understand that I am a "special need" pup, but  I am confident that there is that one very special family out there  who has been looking for a great friend like me :-)


Come see me and let me be your very best friend.  Thank you.


Upcoming Event:


Responsible and Reliable foster homes are always desperately needed to help us save more lives.  
Rescue dogs don't take up much room or your time.. Your love and care help them heal and regain confidence which in turn, help them find a good family and home.

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