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Our Senior Friends

My name is Flakita.  I was left in the parking lot of an animal hospital several months ago.

I had a shirt that had been on me since I was little. The sleeves cut into my skin that left two gashes when the nice grooming lady took my shirt off to give me a warm bath. My hair was so knotted and matted, she had to shave everything off of me.
BUT my hair grew back and I am a pretty old lady now !!

I am approximately 10-12 years old. I am a very good gal. I do not bark, I love all other dogs. I have no teeth, so I just LOVE my bowl of soft food with chicken or pork mixed in please :-)

If you enjoy quite time with me sleeping next to you, and a short little walk daily. I am your perfect pal.


Would really love to have my own family one day soon.  Thank you.


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