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Our Senior Friends

My name is Toki.  I am approx 8 years old.

I never found out why my old family decided to leave me at a shelter. Maybe because I have a low grade heart murmur and they were not able to provide me with the medication?  Don't know, but it is not important now.

I am a quiet, mind my own business type of a gal. I get along with all other dogs and cats. I love my human too!  

Out in the yard on a sunny afternoon is a good thing for me. A daily walk around the neighborhood is another great thing for me too :-)

You watch your favorite shows on TV, I sit and nap next to you sound really awesome to me!!

Just need a family who belives in me and can take care of me.  My medication is not super expensive, but I do need to take them to keep my heart healthy.


Love to meet you soon.



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