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Ready to Go Home 

All of our dogs are up to date on vaccination, spayed/neutered and with microchip.
Dogs over 5 years old have dental work completed as well.

ADOPTION FEE: $250- $500. Thank you.

Meet our 10Y +- old Goldie/Spitz mix Gogo!
He is seriously a gentleman with great manners
He is house trained, easygoing and chill. He gets along with all our dogs. No issues with cats and awesome with people.
Walks great on a leash and LOVES LOVES his walks. 
Gogo knows sit, albeit his stiff hind leg may let him do a half sit :-) and shake/paw.
aily turkey sausage or chicken breast treats make Gogo a very happy guy.
He is a great companion for an elderly person who loves to walk around the neighborhood, chill in the backyard or nap around a favorite show.

Come meet Gogo!!

gogo 1.jpg

Toby is a poodle mix who is spunky and loyal. He is about 5-6 years old, good with other dogs but likes to be the LEADER.
He is good with adults, but does not like all babies and toddlers, so a home with older children works best for Toby.
He loves to play in the park and other doggie friends. He is energetic so an active family who has time to take him on long walks or runs will be the best !!
He is fully house trained and can be left at home for a long part of the day if you need to be out and about.
Come check him out and see if you can be Toby's new best friend!

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