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What is a foster?

A Foster agrees to take a homeless dog into their home, and to provide the dog love, care and attention needed. It can be either long or short term.

WHO Needs a Foster Home?

A dog recovering from surgery, illness or injury

A dog who is stressed from being in the shelter environment for a long period of time.

dog who has not have much contact with other dogs, or with people, and need to learn how to be socialized.

A dog who is older and will not do well at boarding facilities.

Why is Foster Needed?


For each dog who goes into a foster home, another spot is opened for rescues to save another dog in need.


A dog who transitioned from shelter environment or the streets to a foster home gets a chance to relax and regain  confidence.  Confidence translates to HAPPINESS and GOOD BEHAVIOR, which in turn help a rescue dog to a good and loving home.

Click Here for a Foster Application.

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